Energy Efficient Solutions for Your Columbia, MO Home or Business

Are you a Columbia homeowner looking to save on your energy bills? Or are you a commercial HVAC company, contractor or property owner looking for energy efficient solutions for your project or larger building? We’re the experts when it comes to insulation, solar energy, windows and doors, and more for the Columbia area. Find out why so many trust EnergyLink with everything from duct blasting tests, large scale energy audits, and retrofit lighting to simple door installations and window replacements to conserve energy. Here at EnergyLink, we work with local and regional utilities, state agencies and our valued residential customers to provide the very best in geothermal services.

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Residential Services

Home Energy Efficiency

Make a smart investment for your family. EnergyLink is Columbia, Missouri’s one- call solution for home energy and comfort. We strive to make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible by creating an energy efficient living space that you can enjoy knowing you are living efficiently.

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Commercial Services

Energy Efficiency for Your Business

EnergyLink offers energy efficient retrofit solutions for your mid- Missouri Commercial business. Start saving money for the important things by improving your commercial building’s energy efficiency. With efficient upgrades and services like a commercial Energy Audit, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, Lighting Retrofits, ESCO services and much more.

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Have a rental property you would like to make more energy efficient? Click here

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elink-res-leaf-houseHome Efficiency Services

Comfort Sealing

Add comfort by sealing air leaks in your home
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Duct Renovations

Seal and insulate your home’s ductwork
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Energy Audits

Pinpoint the inefficient parts of your home
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Finance your home’s energy improvements
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Heating & Air

Have an energy efficient heating and air unit installed
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Hot Water Heaters

Have an efficent hot water heater installed in your home
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Lower utility costs by adding insulation to you home
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Seal air leaks in your home that are causing your utility costs to rise
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HVAC Options

Have a look at EnergyLink’s HVAC options
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Solar Energy

Lower utility costs with solar energy panels for your home
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Windows & Doors

Add energy efficient windows and doors added to our house
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VA or FHA Home Loans

Add energy efficient windows and doors added to our house
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Commercial Efficiency Services

Commercial Energy Audit

Let EnergyLink pinpoint the places causing your utility rates to rise
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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Improve your comfort and cut overhead heating and cooling costs in your commercial building
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Commercial Solar Energy

Add custom solar panels to your commercial building or office
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Lighting Retrofits

Let EnergyLink save you utility costs with the newest and most efficient lights
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Skylights & Lighting Automation

Use the sun’s natural light to lower utility costs
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Commercial ESCO Services

Use your savings to pay for your efficient upgrade overtime
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The two men that worked on my home did an excellent job! They checked everything and even went out of their way to get more insulation. That really impressed me. They could have just said they were done with the job and left and I wouldn’t have known any different. I will recommend EnergyLink to others!
Lisa P
EnergyLink’s communication and attention to detail made it easy to work with my schedule. I felt like they treated my house well and respectful and I will definitely recommend their services to my friends and family.
Dave M