Lyon Crest EPC & Solar Installation


Lyon Crest Properties is an apartment complex located in Columbia, MO, which, in recent times, has become known as one of the go-to places for college students looking for a better living experience. Specifically, they are located in the North Central area of town which allows for easy access to the three universities in town (Columbia College, Stephens College, and the University of Missouri), the landmark MKT trail , and The District – a unique part of town which has a variety of activities and amenities.

Project specifics:


Lyon Crest Properties


Columbia, Missouri

Date of Study

June 2017

Services Provided

EPC services, Solar (PV) System Installation

Project Length

2 months

The challenge:

Lyon Crest was looking to improve their facilities, ensuring the best living experience for tenants. In an effort to continue this trend they contacted EnergyLink to help make energy improvements. The goal was to lower electric consumption and pass those savings to tenants.

After evaluating the company’s utility bills via a Comprehensive Commercial Energy Audit, EnergyLink decided a community Rooftop Solar array was the best way for to achieve their goals.

The property was built in 2016 to the 2015 IECC International Energy Conservation Code making it an excellent opportunity to look directly at Solar.

Our solution:

A rooftop solar array

When the property was constructed it was pre-wired for solar. This created the perfect opportunity to maximize rooftop space with solar and individual interconnects to each apartment unit providing a low risk, highly effective reduction of electric consumption.

EnergyLink decided on a 53 kW solar array in a system of 20 separately interconnected solar panels. The system was approved by Columbia Water & Light and it was partially funded through CW&L’s Solar Rebate totaling $27,000. The system offset 69,63 4kWh of energy, which greatly reduced monthly electric bills.

First-year savings totaled $9,619, with projected savings for the next five years of $51,562 and ten years of $115,189 respectively.

The benefits of solar

Installing solar power comes with a multitude of benefits including decreased energy bills, federal tax credits and rebates, and making an impact on the environment. Lyon Crest Properties improved the quality of their facility while gaining the economic benefits and extremely quick payback.

Energy savings and statistics

System payback period



Total savings



Total first year energy savings


After one year

Project total savings


after 5 years

Projected total savings


after 10 years