Motel 6 Outdoor Lighting Retrofits


Motel 6 Columbia is a mid-sized hotel located near the busy I-70 – Highway 63 interchange. The motel is easily visible from I-70 during the day however, the existing parking lot and building lights caused safety concerns and did little to attract vacancy at night.

Project specifics:


Motel 6


Columbia, Missouri

Project Date

January 2016

Services Provided

Outdoor lighting retrofits

Rebates & Incentives

Columbia Water & Light Lighting Rebate

Project Length


The challenge:

The exterior lighting was composed of energy consuming HID fixtures. Due to Motel 6’s franchise guides, the parking lot pole lights must retain the original “shoeboxes” design.

EnergyLink’s solution:

A mix of LED retrofit bulbs and new LED fixtures were specified for this project. New wall packs and canopy lights were installed along with ground spots and pole lights. All LED replacements with a vibrant color temperature transformed the property to an inviting feel for guests.

outdoor lighting retrofits

Energy savings and statistics

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Estimated outdoor lighting costs with LEDs


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Estimated energy cost savings



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