NSI Investments Rooftop Solar Array


NSI Investments owns several Affordable Family Storage units across the Midwest. NSI was interested in reducing operating expenses and taking advantage of the current federal tax credit (30% of project cost) for renewable energy upgrades. They decided on two locations located at in Republic, MO and Ozark, MO to install rooftop Solar Panels.

Project specifics:


NSI Investments


Ozark, Missouri

Project Date

July 2015

Services Provided

Rooftop solar array

Rebates & Incentives

USDA REAP Grant, Empire Electric Solar Rebate

Project Length


The challenge:

NSI Investments installed rooftop solar in the Republic, MO and Ozark, MO to reduce high energy charges and maximize the benefits of sustainable energy practices. Both locations were able to decrease energy expenses leading to lower operating costs and positive annual cash flow for each building.

EnergyLink’s solution:

The Ozark, MO building installed a 24.8kW rooftop solar array that produces an average of 143.005 MWh of energy with a 5-year payback.

The Republic, MO building installed a 23.56kW rooftop solar array that produces an average of 16.226 MWh of energy with a 5-year payback.

The incentives

Incentives involved with this project made it a great investment. Both locations qualified for USDA Rural Development REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grants of 25% project cost. In addition, Empire District Electric offers a $.50/watt solar rebate.

Energy savings and statistics

Expected savings from the project (assuming 4% rate escalation)



Total amount saved


per year

CO2 offset every yea due to project efficiency


metric tons

Trees planted equivalency



Cars removed from road equivalency