Denver's Energy Benchmarking Ordinance

About the Ordinance & How to Comply

Recently, Denver’s Department of Environmental Health adopted a new ordinance which requires commercial and multi-family buildings with more than a 25,000-square-foot footprint to track and publicly report their annual energy performance as part of the city’s plan to reach its 2020 climate goals; this process is called benchmarking.

The energy used in large commercial and multifamily buildings accounts for 57 percent of Denver’s harmful greenhouse gas emissions, according to the city; so, with this ordinance comes hope that, in knowing your company’s energy usage, your company will be proactive to lower it to reasonable levels.

The city set June 1 as the deadline for property owners of larger buildings to file 2016 energy benchmarking reports. Those who still need to submit a report have until Sept. 1 before they face a $2,000 penalty.

Need Help With Benchmarking?

EnergyLink is a certified Benchmarking Service Provider for the city of Denver. Call (303) 525-4680 to learn how we can help your company comply with this new ordinance.