Property Types

We provide Solar PV, HVAC, LED lights, Building Automation and many other energy services for a wide range of commercial building types

Our experienced team is dynamic and works with a variety of industries. As we design energy management solutions, we focus on energy savings as well as accommodating the needs of each property to maintain comfort.

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Multi-Family Units

For multifamily facilities, cutting utility costs is a huge way to increase the value of the property. In addition, tenants see a reduction (10-15%) in monthly utility costs.

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Office Spaces

Companies utilizing office spaces are always looking for ways to save money and improve their facilities for the benefit of employees. Taking advantage of energy efficient and renewable energy reduces utility costs and improves overall comfort levels.

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Distribution Warehouses

Distribution warehouses are in use 24/7 which makes utility expenses very costly for owners. Implementing an energy saving program reduce these expenses and, in addition, ensure a pleasant work environment for employees.


Retail Stores

For retails stores, operating costs are always a pain point. Reducing utility costs is considerable way retail stores can stay competitive, offer a consistent shopping experience for the customer, and increase NOI.

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Storage Facilities

As most storage facilities are in use 24/7 and offer climate controlled environments, utility costs are very high for owners. Implementing a buildings controls system reduces excess expenditures and offers more competitive rates to customers and added green value.

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Customers come to hotels for a nice, relaxing stay, so it is crucial that hotels make every effort to ensure visitors have a pleasant visit. Taking measures to stable the comfort level by installing smart thermostats is a cost effective, simple solution. This aids in lower operating expenses which directly impacts a hotel’s bottom line.

Schools & Universities

Students are the centerpiece of every school. Keeping them happy and comfortable is of the utmost importance. Taking measures to cut utility costs are one way expand budgets for improved learning experiences.

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Grocery Stores

Grocery stores typically have high utility costs, which diminishes profits. By managing energy costs, this provides more competitive rates and ensures a pleasant shopping experience.

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Non-profit organizations

Non-profits operate on limited budgets. Reducing utility costs frees up funds for allocation to other areas. Implementing a smart energy system is one way non-profit organizations can free up cash flow.

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