Energy Management for Retail Buildings

Retail store energy efficiency

EnergyLink provides energy efficient improvements that drastically lower the utility costs for retail

Retail stores get a lot of foot traffic throughout the day so it is especially important for them to ensure that customers have a pleasant shopping experience. Factors such as lighting and temperature play part in the customer experience. EnergyLink helps retail stores improve these areas and more.

Energy costs are the 4th largest expense behind labor, rent, and marketing for retailers. Simple steps to savings can be achieved through changes like installing LED lights.

Retail store can look into investing in energy improvements such as:

  • Solar power
  • HVAC improvements,
  • Ice energy storage
  • Chillers
  • Automation controls
  • Thermostats

Retail stores are able to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for customers while still remaining competitive in the market by managing utility costs.

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