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EnergyLink has been in the business of making Columbia, MO area structures more energy efficient since May 2010. We are a growth-oriented clean tech company. From the beginning, our goal has been to tap into a growing industry and answer the needs of an environmentally focused community.

Within a year of opening, we recognized the potential for expanding our full-house energy renovations by offering more product solutions, and we on-boarded a team member with a Masters in Architecture. Having this team member allows us to design whole-house solutions for each unique structure, and we began to install energy efficient water heaters, windows, and doors. Our commitment to providing outstanding customer service and products earned us the distinction of Pella Certified Contractor.


We launched our Realtor Referral Program in early 2011, working with Realtors to encourage home sellers to make homes more energy efficient at the time of listing, and with home buyers to look for an energy efficient property.

In late 2011, we joined the Johns Manville team as a certified insulation installer working through Lowe’s of Columbia and Jefferson City, and we achieved our goal of providing whole house installations through a big box outlet.


In early 2012, we partnered with an HVAC company, providing energy audits for their customers and HVAC leads to them in return. This partnership allows us to offer, consult and install geothermal systems for our customers. At this time, we also paired up with a USA made manufacturer of Solar Photovoltaic, hired a solar specialist team member, and began designing and installing residential and commercial solar solutions.

In mid 2012, EnergyLink launched an IT department for the purpose of researching and developing clean-tech software products. At this time we also began working with several commercial property owners to provide large-scale energy audits, commercial retrofit lighting projects, high-volume insulation installations, wifi programmable thermostats connected to their servers, zone balancing and HVAC upgrades.

In late 2012, EnergyLink formed a rental division focusing on local tenants and landlords with the purpose of educating both on ways to make their property more energy efficient, comfortable and marketable. EnergyLink has also just formed our first ESCO (Energy Service Company) aimed at coordinating and financing commercial energy efficiency retrofits.


2013 was an advancing year for EnergyLink. In early 2012, we expanded our commercial and residential services to surrounding Missouri cities including Mexico, New Franklin, Hallsville, Booneville, and Moberly. Along with expanding outward, we also expanded business-wise. We formed a joint venture partnership with Bob Jenkins of American Geothermal and launched our geothermal HVAC consulting and installation division.

2013 also led us to exploring a pivot in the clean technology software product previously developed in 2012. We launched a beta phone app version 1.0. The app is a home owner driven in home energy audit tool. It makes it easier for home owners to evaluate their houses and personally perform an audit on their own time.

May 14th, 2013, at EnergyLink’s 3rd anniversary party, our CEO, Chris Ihler announced the bolstered growth strategy for our solar energy division. We on-boarded our first solar engineer, our first solar salesmen and solar installation specialist, which led to EnergyLink being responsible for the largest net metered solar PV project in the City of Columbia as of 2013. The bolstered growth strategy also lead to the launch of our solar leasing company. Our solar leasing company is aimed at a zero cost cash flow, positive energy systems to qualifying organizations.

We have worked with hundreds of residential customers as well as numerous commercial property owners, and we have cooperated with local and regional utilities and state agencies. We have consulted with utilities in other regions on setting up local rebate programs for their areas. EnergyLink has become the area’s trusted source for energy efficient Commercial, Residential, and Rental properties.

EnergyLink started as an Approved Contractor of City of Columbia Water & Light, Boone Electric Cooperative, and as a Certified Home Energy Auditor with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Through these utilities and agencies, EnergyLink works within the Home Performance with Energy Star program providing residential customers with energy audits, insulation, IR scanning, and air sealing services. Within six months, we saw a need to provide duct-blasting tests to our residential customers and soon after, to commercial HVAC companies and home builders needing the testing to pass new code requirements.

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