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Invest in Solar Energy for Your Columbia, MO Home

Installing solar panels on your home is a major investment, but one that will pay off in utility savings for years to come. You can even depreciate 100% of the cost of an electric solar system. Solar Rebates and solar tax credits improve your rate of return even more, making solar an investment solution that should be carefully evaluated. EnergyLink is here to answer all of your solar questions, help you make an educated decision on whether solar is right for you, and install a quality solar panel system on your property.

solar panels

Solar panels make sense for homeowners in Columbia, MO that want to have energy efficient homes. When combined with proper levels of insulation, efficient windows and doors, and a “tight” air sealed home, solar panels will maximize your utility savings by producing the power you consume. EnergyLink consultants will assist you in evaluating your consumption needs and design a solar product option perfect for your home.

We design and install USA made solar products:

  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Solar water well pumps
  • Heat pump
  • Solar hot water systems
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