EnergyLink Partners with Wilson’s to Revamp MAC Facility


Multiple Energy Improvements Installed in Wilson’s Fitness “Green Facility Initiative”

Columbia, MO

Wilson’s Fitness partnered with EnergyLink to overhaul their MAC facility, establishing a “Green Facility.” In doing so, they installed energy improvements which significantly reduced utility costs. They ensured a more pleasant environment for their members and had a sustainable impact on the environment.

After conducting a comprehensive commercial energy audit and utility billing history, EnergyLink decided the best course of action was to install Solar power, Ice Energy Storage and a new Chiller System. Along with an LED lighting upgrade, Building Controls and stronger insulation in the building envelope. EnergyLink designed a software controls package to manage peak electrical demand, eliminating spikes in electric usage.

Total products installed amounting to:

  • 55 kW rooftop Solar Array.
  • Trane chiller system compatible with Calmac ice energy storage
  • Building re-insulation
  • Building controls with ADMS
  • New LED lights.

Wilson’s’ decision to establish the MAC as a Green Facility paid off instantly allowing them to offset a projected 105,451 kWh.

Wilsons’ decision to establish the MAC as a Green Facility paid off instantly, allowing them to offset a projected 105,451 kWh.

Projected utility savings:

Calculated savings:

  • 1st Year: $33,784
  • 5 Year Total Projection: $174,797
  • 10 Year Total Projection: $387,465

Wilson’s Fitness was able to directly impact on the environment allowing them to offset 163,363 pounds of CO2, equivalent to burning 79,081 pounds of coal.

“Working with Wilson’s was a great experience for us,” claimed Chris Ihler, EnergyLink’s CEO. “Wilson’s truly wanted to make a difference in their community. We are so grateful to be a part of this project”