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    As a prime EPC contractor, EnergyLink gives it’s customers assurance that our solutions are well-planned, fundable, and efficient

    Improving energy efficiency in a commercial structure can start with little changes, but as more and more opportunities are identified, the process can quickly become more work than anticipated. For this reason, EnergyLink integrates a variety of solutions to simplify the efficiency improvement process. Commercial building owners and small businesses that partner with EnergyLink are able to take advantage of our integrated businesses services to streamline the process and get faster results.

    energy efficiency process graphic

    our energy-saving process

    Step 1: Comprehensive energy audit and utility billing analysis

    Our experts combine historic energy usage records from your facility with deep research into the energy market and billing structures, detailed site surveys, and the building operations and schedules. During the research phase, we use the latest technology available to visualize your energy usage in real-time and create an energy usage profile that will be used to build our energy savings algorithms.

    Step 2: Formal engineering and financial analysis

    We use the information from our in-depth research to engineer a wide range of energy efficiency improvements and to tailor our demand response algorithms. Using specialized software, we create, refine, and test proprietary system control hierarchies to mitigate energy demand spikes while preserving overall system efficiency and comfort. These control systems are designed in parallel with on-site generation such as solar power to create our demand management package.

    Step 3: Procure necessary materials

    “Smart Solar” (solar power linked to automation) is the backbone of our ADMS package. We carefully engineer a solar array based on measured daily load profiles, and current and future energy load estimates. This array drives down the baseline demand of the building at peak times, while our constantly “thinking” automation controls evaluate changing conditions, monitor the solar output, and reduce usage spikes. This dual attack of demand is what makes our solutions unique to the industry and valuable to the end user.

    Step 4: Construction and installation

    Our holistic approach to system design allows us to plan and oversee every step of the product selection, construction, installation, and maintenance process, from the initial survey to the final on-site inspections. Quality assurance during the design phase and quality control during the construction phase is guaranteed by keeping the entire EPC process in-house. EnergyLink also provides continued monitoring and long-term support to ensure that your investment is protected.

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