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Rooftop Solar & Building Automation Systems Go Hand-in-Hand

If you already have automated controls installed in your building, that is a fantastic start; But pairing your controls with a solar array presents the opportunity for far better system performance.

Similarly, if you already have solar installed, new controls can help you achieve the full savings potential of your renewable resource.

Building automation and control systems provide a variety of features to help keep your facility operating within desirable limits. However, it is not maximizing your energy savings, and by installing our ADMS (Advanced Demand Management System) back-end with rooftop solar, it can limit your energy costs which will save your business considerable money.

This is a case where the cooperative nature of these systems can produce savings that far exceed the combined savings of the two on their own.

Why Invest In Our Process?

Our innovative process begins with identifying opportunities to manipulate a building’s bill, and then works to prescribe the best combination of relevant measures to achieve those results. This is a custom-tailored system that reduces the amount of energy your building uses, but also improves the manner in which it uses it in order to further reduce your annual bill based upon your particular billing structure.


How Exactly Does This Work?

We start with an analysis of a customer’s billing history, and an understanding of how exactly the utility provider charges that customer each month. Further data-logging of the building’s daily usage helps us determine exactly how the building behaves, which in turn helps us estimate to what degree we can improve certain performance measures and when.

This is a critical step in designing any ADMS package, as no two buildings are exactly the same. Once we know how your building uses energy throughout the day, we can design a solar array that is sized and oriented in such a way as to achieve the greatest dollar savings as a product of your utility provider’s billing metrics.

The rules by which you are billed are often relatively complex, so many people never consider that when and *how* you consume electricity is just as important as how much of it you consume when it comes time to being charged for it. Producing kWh’s of electricity is only a portion of its purpose when coupled with ADMS- it allows the building to offset power demand at strategic times of day to avoid setting costly monthly demand peaks at inopportune times.

It’s effectively like turning off all of your HVAC through the heat of the afternoon as far as you utility provider can tell. ADMS will allow your building more leeway as the sun shines brighter and your solar array produces more energy so that you can enjoy more cool air without driving your monthly demand charge any higher.  

Who Do We Work With?

ADMS is a custom product and design process that is geared towards any customer that receives a demand charge on their monthly electric bill. The cutoff for this charge differs from one provider to the next but, generally speaking, most any commercial building larger than 3,000 square feet or that has rooftop HVAC is likely to fall into a demand rate structure.

To learn more about how our system can save you 15-35% on your yearly energy bill, give us a call today at 573-777-4811

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