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Switching Your Home to Solar Power

Now is the perfect time for homeowners to switch from their current electric cooperative to installing solar power.The incentives alone mentioned in previous blog articles are enough reason to make the switch, but the following stats show you that it’s also worth it:

  • 0% Down for your solar power project; pay the amount over time and still make money in the process
  • The average net return over the lifespan of the system is $15,000 in Missouri
  • Homeowners see an average 50% reduction in utility bills each month
  • An average increase in the value of homes is $20,000

These incredible statistics along with the lucrative incentives which last until December 31st, 2016, suggest there’s not a better time to switch as a homeowner than right now!



When you switch to solar energy, you don’t have to wait for your savings on the electric bill, it comes immediately.From the first day you install the new solar energy system, you begin to see monthly savings on your bill. Now that’s quite the deal!

No matter how large or small the install is, you will see electric bill savings grow with time. Costs of solar panel systems have coming down drastically in the past 5 years and the savings continue to grow. This fact, coupled with the programs set in place to help pay for some, if not all of the project upfront offer excellent opportunities for homeowners to make the switch.


Not only do you see immediate and long-term advantages financially by switching to solar, you also play a key role in the betterment of our environment. By switching from electric to solar, you join a movement that many other homeowners are doing by stepping away from fossil fuel consumption. We are moving toward a clean economy powered by the sun and that’s something to take into account in addition to the monetary value of solar.

Save money today; make our environment a better, more sustainable place tomorrow.

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