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Energy Efficiency & Controls Products

Instantly lower your energy bills by installing one or several of these essential facility management products

Increase energy savings and make managing your facility's energy use even easier with these products

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LED lights

Lighting typically makes up about 20% of a building’s electrical consumption and sets the baseline power demand. Replacing old fixtures with more efficient LED’s reduces consumption and demand baseline. This is an essential energy management upgrade.
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Building automation systems

Complex algorithms are used to automate the use of your building's new or existing energy assets to maximize efficiency. Common assets we automate include HVAC systems, solar panels, LED lighting, batteries, refrigeration, and boilers systems.
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HVAC controls

Using an HVAC controls system to create intelligent HVAC zones allows for precise control over heating and cooling can improve comfort levels in your facility and maximize the effectiveness of your organization's HVAC system.
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Destratification fans

Properly monitoring and regulating the flow of hot and cold air in a facility can drastically impact costs required to run HVAC units, especially in larger buildings. Destratification fans do both tasks; ensuring that the flow of hot and cold air is efficiently controlled.
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Daylight Harvesting Icon

Daylight harvesting

A simple and effective way to light a space using the interior lighting, combined with natural light through exterior windows or sun tunnels in the roof. Photocells measure the intensity of light entering the building and dim or raise the interior lights to meet the desired lumens of light.
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