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Heating & Cooling Products

Take advantage of the latest heating and cooling tech and drastically reduce your organization's utility bills

Individual systems such as HVAC units can be further optimized with enhancements such as VFD to increase savings even further. Learn more about your options

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HVAC systems

When not properly controlled, old or poorly maintained HVAC systems are often the cause of excessive demand spikes and electrical consumption. Demand spikes can be mitigated while still keeping indoor temperatures at a comfortable level.
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Boiler systems

The correct fuel-to-oxygen ratio, proper sizing, and maintenance of boilers and associated equipment are essential to efficient operation. Inefficient boiler systems can be costing you significantly on energy bills; see how we can help your organization avoid this.
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VRF Systems

VRF and chiller packages are used to capture hot or cold air absorbed from the air during the cooling process and redirects the heat to other parts of the facility that need the heat. This process puts less strain on your HVAC system.
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Absorption chillers

An absorption chiller uses a heat source to generate chilled water rather than electrical source that is used in vapor compression cycle. They use use a low grade of energy to generate a cooling effect, consuming significantly less energy.
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Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives are used for running an air conditioning motor at variable speeds or ramping up their speed to give them a smooth startup. They work by adjusting the frequency of the motor to adjust the revolutions per minute.
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Geothermal heat pump

Geothermal heat pumps transfer heat to or from the ground based on seasonality (transferring heat from the ground to your facility in the winter and transferring heat back to the ground in the summer). This is all done through a network of pipes installed beneath your property.
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Natural gas fired chiller

Natural gas fired chillers were specifically created to require a very minimal electric load to work, using an engine powered by natural gas to drive down operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%.
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Commercial ERV systems

ERV systems more efficiently treat outdoor air brought in to your facility. They do this by taking the stale (uncirculated) air from inside your building, pulling it in to your HVAC system, and using its temperature to heat or cool the incoming outdoor air.
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