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Lower your brewery's operating costs by integrating renewable energy into your energy management strategy

How your brewery can increase profits & sustainability

Energy cost statistics for breweries

The average energy cost of between $3.30 to $4.26 per barrel produced. See the chart below to learn the systems that use the largest amount of energy in breweries. Understanding this is critical to lowering energy costs.






Boiler & brewhouse


Compressed air


Lighting & other

What would your brewery do with an 8% increase in profits? EnergyLink can help you achieve this

According to EnergyStar, it’s estimated that energy costs take up around 8% of a brewery’s total costs. By installing a mix of modern energy efficiency products, your brewery could recoup those costs, allowing you to allocate those savings to other areas of the business. Getting to net-zero energy use can easily be done!

Use a boiler economizer and renewable energy to drive down costs

Boiler inefficiency is one of the biggest costs of business for breweries. In fact, boiling the wort accounts for 25% to 35% of the total energy usage for most breweries. Installing a boiler economizer can mitigate those costs by capturing the flue gas which leaves the boiler and returning it back into your brewery’s main water system. This process reduces the stress on your boiler system because the water is already warm.

Using solar panels and LED lights will also help to drive down your brewery’s energy demand. Solar panels allow for on-site power generation which reduces the need to purchase energy from your utility grid, and the increased efficiency of LED lights can immediately reduce lighting costs.

These are just some of the many options available to lower your brewery’s operating costs. With so many advancements in brewery technology, it’s important that your brewery stays on top of them and uses them to get an edge over your competition.

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