Government Facility Energy Services

Lower your government facility's operating costs, improve workplace comfort, and use energy savings for more community programs

Energy cost statistics for government facilities

On average, governments spend $1.34/sqft. for electricity and $0.18/sqft. for natural gas for their offices. See the chart below to learn which processes use the largest percentage of energy. Understanding this is critical to stabilizing and lowering overhead for your office space.

Energy consumer Consumption (%)
Indoor lighting
Air conditioning
Space heating
Water heating

Get engineered solutions built specifically to maximize your government building's operations

The operation of government building is critical to keeping our nation running and meeting the needs of all constituents. However, on average, these facilities are 60 years old, meaning most likely have outdated energy systems, ranging from old HVAC systems to inefficient lighting (fluorescent or incandescent) and more.

Federal buildings used by our nation’s armed forces or the Internal Revenue Service operate on longer operating schedules than normal office spaces, which results in higher electric demand consumption and, consequently, higher utility bills. These costs, as well as the costs to run old, inefficient existing equipment, can be mitigated by installing the latest ENERGYSTAR approved appliances, upgrading to LED lights, integrating renewable energy, like solar panels, and introducing smart controls like a building automation system to better regulate energy use throughout each day.

The best energy efficiency solutions for government facilities

Make upgrades to your government facilities to make a bigger impact in your community

With our national debt continually rising and the need to take action on lessening our impact on the environment becoming more ever present, it’s imperative that federal buildings stay up to date with the latest energy trends. Start your project now and make a bigger impact on your community!