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Hotel Energy Services

Lower operating costs for your hotel and increase guest comfort

Energy cost statistics for hotels

On average, hotels spend $1.05/sqft. for electricity and $0.25/sqft. for natural gas annually. See the chart below to learn which processes use the largest amount of energy. Understanding this is critical to lowering hotel overhead costs.


Heating & cooling









The hospitality industry is highly competitive, Get an edge over the competition by adopting renewable energy

EnergyLink works with hotels to analyze their buildings energy use and assess options to help reduce utility costs. This leads to lower operating expenses which have a direct impact on the hotel’s bottom line.

Hotels can significantly lower their utility costs through small adjustments, like installing smart thermostats, energy efficient vending machines, or lowering the maximum water temperature to the recommended 110 degree limit.

Hotels can also look into energy efficient and renewable energy solutions to save even more money.

The best energy efficiency solutions for hotels

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Learn how you could improve your hotel’s operations, lower costs, and become more sustainable.

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