Office Space Energy Services

Office Space Energy Services

Lower your office space's operating costs and improve workplace comfort

How your office space uses energy

On average, office spaces spend $1.34/sqft. for electricity and $0.18/sqft. for natural gas. See the chart below to learn which processes use the largest percentage of energy. Understanding this is critical to stabilizing and lowering overhead for your office space.

Energy usage stats for office spaces

Get engineered solutions built specifically to maximize your office space's operations

EnergyLink provides systems to help manage energy consuming assets with no decrease in performance or comfort. Our engineers design systems around your day-to-day operations providing a great working atmosphere for employees and customers.

By taking advantage of these energy efficient solutions, office spaces will drastically cut utility costs and improve the overall comfort levels of the office space’s constituents.

The best energy efficiency solutions for office spaces

Get the best out of your office space's energy use

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Energy usage stats for corporate offices

Improve your Office space's energy use

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