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Energy cost data for storage facilities

On average, storage facilities spend $0.61/sqft. for electricity and $0.15/sqft. for natural gas. See the chart below to learn which processes use the largest amount of energy. Understanding this is critical to lowering overhead for your storage facility.

Energy consumer Consumption (%)
Heating & cooling

Keeping energy demand low is imperative for storage facilities. Drive down demand with help from EnergyLink

Storage facilities experience specific operating expenses with utility costs being one of the highest. More often than not, storage facilities are run 24/7 which makes utilities expenses very costly for owners. With rising costs, facility owners have been looking for ways to reduce expenses.

Storage facilities constantly look for new ways to set themselves apart from the competition. With the recent trend towards sustainability, marketing “green” storage has increasingly become industry practice. EnergyLink helps storage facility evaluate the their facilities and implement improvements and cost cutting measures to reduce those expenses.

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