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  • We help commercial properties in Columbia, MO lower their utility costs with our energy management, EPC, and energy investing services

    Columbia, Missouri is home to EnergyLink’s headquarters. For years, we have helped commercials properties lower utility costs with our solar energy, HVAC, thermal storage and other energy efficient solutions. We have experience working with local utility providers like Columbia Water & Light, and we have the financing knowledge to ensure you get the most beneficial rebates and incentives for your energy efficient upgrades.

    Solar Energy Company in Columbia, MO

    Energy experts in Columbia, Missouri

    We have installed solar energy systems for commercial properties across the City of Columbia. These property types range from multi-family buildings, to office spaces, and even industrial spaces like warehouses.

    As PACE approved developers in Columbia, we help our clients finance their solar energy projects at the lowest possible cost with the quickest possible payoff.

    Energy management for your Columbia property

    Our energy management services turn your new or existing assets into a single automated process.

    We can handle every aspect of your projects needs from procurement to construction, and our engineers give you a first hand look at how your solar system, or other energy assets, will look and function once your project is complete.

    Energy rebates and tax incentives in Columbia

    Columbia Water & Light Solar Rebate

    Businesses and non-profit organizations who are a customer of Columbia Water & Light can get a payment of up to $500 per kilowatt (kW) of solar power generation capacity (up to 100kW).


    A energy project funding option for businesses and non-profits to make improvements such as renewable energy (solar and wind), lights, building envelope (windows, doors, insulation), roof upgrades, HVAC, and more

    EnergyLink's Columbia, MO location

    EnergyLink’s Columbia offices are located right outside Downtown Columbia near Columbia College. Below is our contact information and a map to our address.

    501 Fay St. #106
    Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 777-4811

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