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  • Our Denver office houses some of EnergyLink’s finest energy engineers with experience in solar, tax credits, PACE financing and more

    Denver, Colorado is home to some of the most innovative businesses in the United States. The city’s growth in green and renewable energy has inspired other cities to make huge strides in going green and increasing efficiency.

    The city’s willingness to provide energy efficient tax credits, rebates, and financing options such as PACE funding, has made project funding increasingly affordable. EnergyLink specializes in engineering energy systems for commercial properties while utilizing all of these funding options to ensure affordable pricing with a quick payoff.

    Innovative Commercial Energy Company in Denver, Colorado

    Solar energy company in Denver

    EnergyLink specializes in engineering, procuring, and constructing solar energy systems for commercial buildings.

    EnergyLink’s energy management services automate new and existing energy assets to provide you with the most efficient usage possible, while our energy financing experts find the best way to install your energy upgrades at the lowest possible cost.

    Energy rebates and tax incentives in Denver

    Xcel Energy Rebates

    Information about solar energy rebates and rebates for other types of energy efficiency upgrades can be found on our Colorado renewable energy rebates page.

    Purchasing Solar Energy

    Colorado allows for PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), where businesses can elect to install commercial solar energy for their facility at a discounted rate for a fixed 20 year period.


    A funding option for businesses and non-profits to make improvements such as renewable energy (solar and wind), lights, building envelope (windows, doors, insulation), roof upgrades, HVAC, and more

    Denver solar energy company

    Our Denver Office

    EnergyLink’s Denver offices are located in Downtown Denver near Sunken Gardens Park. Below is our contact information and a map to our address.

    387 Corona St. Suite 633,
    Denver CO 80218
    (720) 597-3861

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