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Utility providers have continued to incrementally increase both electric demand and usage costs, resulting in a higher energy bill for your organization each year. These price hikes are taking money away from your owners, investors, and stakeholders which could have been used for other purposes.

Electric Rate Forecast

Commercial properties are especially prone to having higher than average utility costs, due in large part to factors such as hours of operation and building size. This doesn’t need to be an issue for your organization. Installing renewable or energy-efficient products can reduce your dependence on those utility providers, allow you to generate your own power off the grid, and give you full control over your utility bills.

How Energy Efficiency Lowers Your Utility Bills

Upgrading to more energy efficient equipment, such as new HVAC units or LED lights specifically targets demand charges on your utility bill, which are typically the most expensive component; with more efficient systems in place, less power is needed to run your company’s operations, resulting in a lower demand charge on your utility bill.

Usage and Demand Chart with Energy Efficiency

How Can Renewable Energy Lower My Utility Bills?

Renewable energy goes a step further than energy efficiency products because it allows your company to generate your own power, which means you won’t need to draw as much power from your utility provider. As a result, demand charges are significantly lowered. They can even be lowered further by taking advantage of EnergyLink’s Advanced Demand Management System (ADMS).

Usage and Demand Chart with Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

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