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EnergyLink’s energy investment team is made up of financing experts. We help you discover things like tax credits, loans, and grants that are available in your area, and we have an extensive knowledge of PACE funding in cities around the United States.

  • USDA REAP Grants & Loans – The USDA Rural Development Office offers grants (up to 25% of total project costs) and loans (up to 75% of total project costs) that can be used for energy-efficient and renewable energy projects. This is a great financing option for rural small businesses.

  • Utility/City Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy Loans – Local utilities offer loans to help your business make energy improvements to your facility. These are low interest and terms vary based on specific projects. We can contact your local city or utility provider to see if they offer any efficiency or renewable energy loans.

  • Energy Savings Performance Contract – A financing option EnergyLink offers to customers which allows your company to install the project with no money down. A portion of your monthly savings will finance the project costs, and leave the customers with 5-20% monthly savings.

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