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Rankin Tech West

Project Details

Ranken Tech is a forward looking technical college who wanted to have an on-site solar project for their students to be involved with hands on learning for renewable technologies, so they partnered with EnergyLink to get the job done. It’s being completed in collaboration with Lincoln Co Public Schools. The benefits of the project include:

  • On-site Power Generation: Instead of having to rely on the Wentzville electric grid, Ranken Tech will be able to generate their own on-site power from the sun using their 22.95 kW array.
  • Environmental Impact: Using solar power will help Ranken Tech reduce the CO2 emissions resulting from their operations and generate clean, renewable power.
  • Educational Component: Having a solar array on-site will allow for a plethora of learning opportunities for students, allowing them to see how it works, how to maintain it over time, and how to track its performance.
  • Community Impact: The new solar array will allow Ranken Tech to rely less on their local electric grid, which will allow their community added assurances for continued use of power at times when more strain might typically be placed on their community’s grid.
  • Job Creation: To get this project installed, a few construction jobs in the Missouri area will be created.

Products to be installed

Role in project

EnergyLink will be the sole design-build contractor for the project.

Solar stats

0 kW
Solar Sizing/Output

Quick project facts

Project location

Wentzville, MO

Project start date

February 2021

Projected completion date

March 2021

Schematic Designs & Plans

Site plans and schematic designs for Ranken Tech West’s solar installation can be viewed below.


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