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Robertsdale Tank & Pump Station

Project Details

The city of Aurora issued a request for proposal for their gas and pump station on Robertsdale Street to: reduce energy costs (mainly through leveraging solar to switch to a new rate structure with their utility), make better use of the concrete pad on-site, and use the opportunity to fix some of the damaged concrete. The overall benefits of the project include:

  • On-Site Power Generation: With a large 469.04 kW rooftop solar array set for install, the Robertsdale Gas & Pump Station will be able to generate clean, renewable off-grid power for its operations throughout the day.
  • Community Impact: The solar installation will allow the Gas & Pump Station to rely less on the city of Aurora’s electric grid, meaning Aurora residents and businesses can have greater confidence in the resilience of their local grid and continued use of power from it.
  • Job Creation: Extra manpower will be necessary to complete this large installation, so jobs in the Aurora area will be created as the project progresses.

Products to be installed

Role in project

EnergyLink will be the sole design-build contractor on this project.

Solar stats

0 kW
Solar Sizing/Output

Quick project facts

Project location

Aurora, Colorado

Project start date

Summer 2021

Projected completion date

Fall 2021

Schematic Designs & Plans

Electrical schematics for the solar installation are displayed below.


A birds-eye rendering of the solar installation, which will give the City of Aurora a good idea of what the array will look like, is shown below.

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