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Heat recovery for industrial applications

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What absorption chillers are and how they work

Absorption chillers are used in commercial buildings and industrial plants to provide air conditioning, refrigeration, and process fluid cooling. They are often exhaust fired using thermal energy recovered fromcombined heat and power (CHP) prime movers (e.g., reciprocating engines, microturbines, and combustion turbines). They are a different type of chiller which actually uses heat to generate cooling. Click here to learn more about how absorption chillers work.

If your company’s cooling systems are running often (or for a large part of the year), an absorption chiller could help to significantly lower the cost of that cooling. Industries with significant year-round space conditioning loads include hospitals, hotels, large commercial office buildings, and college campuses. Sites like manufacturing plants with process cooling needs, cold storage warehouses, and data centers which require steady year-round cooling may also benefit from having an absorption chiller installed.

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Is an absorption chiller right for your company? Consider these factors:

  • One Icon Do you have a large commercial facility? Larger commercial facilities use more power for air conditioning, thus making absorption chillers a more appealing option
  • Two Icon Does your facility have refrigerated areas? Absorption chillers help to improve the efficiency in which those areas are cooled
  • Three Icon Do you have a CHP system? Absorption chillers can work hand in hand with CHP systems to improve air conditioning efficiency

Improve cooling and refrigeration efficiency

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