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  • Is a backup generator right for your company? Consider these factors:

    • Do you have important assets such as a server room which need to be operational at all times to ensure that your company is always able to maintain its operations and continue generating profit?
    • Does your company have a backup plan in cases of emergency? If not, a backup generator could solve this problem
    • Has your company suffered from damages (lost sales, operational inefficiency, etc.) from power outages in the past? If power outages are a prevalent and continued issue, a backup generator can alleviate this concern

    Quick Facts

    • Time to install 10-12 weeks
    • Expected ROI – 5-8 years

    Understanding commercial backup generators

    Why your organization needs a backup generator

    The main purpose of a commercial backup generator is to ensure that an organization is able to keep all of its important, profit-generating systems continually operational, even in cases of emergency, such as power outages or natural disasters. These diesel-powered backup generators kick in when your original power source is not delivering power to the systems you specify; once this happens, power stored in the generator takes the place of the main power source.

    Safeguarding areas which require heating and cooling, such as refrigeration rooms, is another crucial benefit of having a backup generator on hand. It’s also important to note that, while servers, heated or cooled rooms, and other important rooms are protected by backup generators, it is not typical for entire buildings to be backed up. This means that, in setting up backup generators, a business decision will need to be made to figure out which rooms are crucial to maintaining your company’s operations.

    For convenience, ease of installation, and practicality, backup generators are typically located as close to your building’s electrical room as possible; this also reduces the length of your conduit pathway and lowers construction costs. Usually, backup generators end up in the back of a building.

    Backup generators work exceptionally well with commercial batteries. Learn more about batteries here.

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    Your business relies so heavily on the operation of so many different areas of your business. If profit is on the line, backup generators are a must! EnergyLink’s team of energy experts understands how to seamlessly integrate a backup generator into your contingency plan, while also ensuring that you get fair financing terms and a reasonable return on investment.

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