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Borehole Thermal Energy Storage

Achieve double the performance of a conventional geothermal system and drastically lower heating & cooling costs

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Seasonal energy storage

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Benefits of borehole thermal energy storage

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Monetizes heat more effectively

Borehole thermal energy storage systems intentionally store heat in the ground for use later, and, additionally, the system pulls excess heat from operations (example, pulling heat generated from machines in a manufacturing facility) and puts it back in the ground. This process balances the geothermal borefield, resulting in a higher potential for energy savings.

Backed by new, advanced technology

BTES systems use a ground heat exchanger (GHX) array which stores heat differently in each season, using the earth like a thermal battery. Standard geothermal systems just pull heat from the ground and use it, whereas BTES systems store it for optimal use during each season. As a result, BTES systems are two times more powerful.

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