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Commercial Solar Plus Storage

Combine solar panels with energy storage to dramatically reduce your company's electric demand charges, lower operating costs, and safeguard against blackouts

Main Benefit

Peak demand reduction

Maintenance Level
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Benefits of commercial solar plus storage

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On-site power generation

The solar panel system (which can come in the form of a ground mount array, rooftop array, or solar carport), will allow your organization to generate clean, renewable on-site power at a cheaper rate than electricity from your utility provider.

Daily monitoring

Lower utility bills

If your utility provider bills you for demand charges (which is different than electricity usage charges), solar plus storage systems allow you to avoid those charges by using stored solar power when you need electricity instead of drawing expensive power from your local electric grid.

Use power when you need it​

Installing PV solar arrays plus battery storage allows the opportunity to store solar energy generated throughout the day for use during cloudy days or the night when the sun isn’t shining. This is particularly beneficial for 24/7 industries or other business types that stay open longer than 9-5, such as manufacturers, retailers, hotels, and more.

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Prevent revenue loss during blackouts

The energy storage component can serve as a backup power source during a blackout or natural disaster, allowing your organization the peace of mind that, even in an emergency situation, your profit-generating assets can remain functional.

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