Commercial Daylight Harvesting Services

Install suntrackers to harness natural light to reduce utility costs and improve your work environment

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  • Are suntrackers right for your company? Consider these factors:

    • In order to be effective, suntrackers require that the building they are installed on have good southern exposure
    • Does your building have available roof space for suntrackers? Suntrackers are relatively small, but they still require some available roof space
    • Is your building’s rooftop exposed to natural sunlight? Suntrackers need natural sunlight exposure in order to function properly, so buildings completely blocked off from sunlight by trees or other buildings are not well suited for suntrackers.

    Quick Facts

    • Time to install 1-2 days
    • Expected ROI3-5 years

    Understanding suntrackers

    What suntrackers are and why your organization could benefit from them

    Suntrackers use sun-tracking GPS technology and mirrors under a glass dome to track the sun throughout the day and bring high levels of diffused natural light into your building. They are typically installed on rooftops and are completely solar powered, so no electrical hookup is required. Suntrackers have the potential to allow businesses and schools to shut off electric lights for up to 10.5 hours a day.

    Sun trackers allow natural daylight to replace light fixtures. The natural daylight can be helpful to the work environment and reduce utility costs.


    Pairs well with:

    solar panels

    Solar panels

    commercial batteries

    Battery storage systems

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    Commercial Suntracker Installation Experts

    EnergyLink will help your company lower your building’s utility costs with our daylight harvesting services

    EnergyLink is experienced with daylight harvesting; we’ve installed suntrackers in multiple projects in the past. Our certified energy auditors will audit and analyze your facility to determine whether suntrackers are right for your organization. Then, our engineers will design a strategy to ensure that your company sees the best return on investment possible.

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