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Commercial Daylight Harvesting

Install daylight harvesting suntrackers to harness natural light, reduce utility costs, and improve your work environment

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What is daylight harvesting?

Daylight harvesting uses tech called sun trackers to lower costs associated with lighting. Sun trackers use sun-tracking GPS technology and mirrors under a glass dome to track the sun throughout the day and bring high levels of diffused natural light into your building.

They are typically installed on rooftops and are completely solar powered, so no electrical hookup is required. Sun trackers have the potential to allow businesses and schools to shut off electric lights for up to 10.5 hours a day.

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Benefits of daylight harvesting

Sun trackers allow natural daylight to replace light fixtures. The natural daylight can be helpful to the work environment and reduce utility costs. To learn more about sun trackers and how they work, click here.

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