Destratification Fans

Improve air flow in your facility, increase building comfort, improve efficiency, and lower utility costs with destratification fans

Are destratification fans right for your company? Consider these factors

  • One Icon How high is your ceiling? Rooms with higher ceilings are especially prone poor air flow from the bottom of the room to the top
  • Two Icon The current heating usage in your facility or the room where fans would go
  • Three Icon Is your building an industrial one? Condensation can often be a problem which leads to stratified air and poor air flow

Quick facts

Time to install: 1-2 days
Expected ROI: 3-5 years

What destratification fans are and why your organization could benefit from them

Destratification fans are typically used for large open, office spaces, warehouses with ceiling heights over 20 feet, or other spaces with a similar profile. These fans help circulate heat that rises to the ceiling and are proven to generate energy savings of up to 30% on heating costs.

To learn more about destratification fans and how they work, click here.

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Your high ceilings could be raising your energy bills significantly

Install destratification fans to properly adjust airflow in your facility and lower energy costs.

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