Geothermal Energy Storage

Take advantage of underground heat to generate and store your own power

Is geothermal energy storage right for your company? Consider these factors

  • One Icon Do you have a large facility? Generally speaking, the larger the facility, the harder it is to heat and cool it. Geothermal makes heating and cooling much more efficient
  • Two Icon Do you have multiple buildings at your facility? For large campuses or multi-building facilities, geothermal energy storage systems can be used as a central hub for heating and cooling throughout, making the heating and cooling process much more streamlined
  • Three Icon Do you have high energy demand charges? Geothermal energy is considered one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems out there, so installing one will go a long way to reducing your energy demand

Quick facts

Time to install: 1 month
Expected ROI: 5-10 years
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How does geothermal energy storage work?

Geothermal energy storage is a form of energy storage using natural underground heat to generate and store energy. These systems can either transfer heat energy from underground water to electricity or store the extra energy in underground water.

Geothermal energy storage systems consist of two separate groundwater wells–one for cold water and one for warm water. Both are connected to an aquifer. The system operates differently in the summer and winter; in the summer, cold groundwater from the cold aquifer is used to cool the building. As heat transfers from the building to the water, the warmed-up water will be taken to the well that stores warm water. In the winter, the warm water is used to warm up the building, and as the warm water transfers the heat to the building, it cools down and is taken to the cold water well.

Benefits of geothermal energy storage

Installing geothermal wells comes with several advantages. The first is that geothermal systems make it much easier to meet the base load energy demand (energy demand is the biggest charge on your energy bill). It does this by facilitating the distribution of hot and cold air throughout the year. As a result, geothermal energy systems can potentially save you thousands on utilities and can easily improve heating and cooling efficiency in your building.

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