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Grid Scale Graphite Lithium Ion Batteries

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Details and benefits of graphite lithium ion batteries

How lithium ion batteries work for grid applications

Given the unprecedented demand for more on-demand energy and the unpredictability of the grid, energy storage is an emerging solution. Grid-scale energy storage systems convert electricity from the electrical energy generation network (through renewable or power plant sources) into a storable form and converts it back into electrical energy once needed. 

Lithium ion energy storage systems store excess power during peak power generation periods and provide the vacant power during peak load periods to stabilize local electric power systems by load leveling and peak shaving. The technology can balance the grid through charging and discharging power with a fast-response rate, which is well suited to behind the meter applications. 

Benefits of using lithium ion tech

Lithium ion batteries are an attractive option for utilities because they have a high energy density (up to 200 Wh/kg), high EE (more than 95%), and long cycle lifes (3000 cycles at deep discharge of 80%). For this reason, over seven tenths of all energy storage applications in the US are used to stabilize the grid. 

Other features lithium ion batteries bring for utility scale applications are: frequency regulation, load leveling, and power management. They can also help to better integrate large-scale renewable solutions.

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Benefits of using graphite for the anode technology in grid-scale batteries

There are several options available for anode technology in grid-scale energy storage solutions, but graphite is particularly useful for larger applications because it can charge and discharge with a rapid response time other materials cannot match; its low thermal expansion allows it to maintain stability for charging/discharging over longer periods as well, which is necessary for the continued use utilities need. 

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