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What are HVAC controls systems?

An HVAC control system uses advanced software to control the climate in commercial or industrial buildings by properly regulating heating and cooling in different sectors (or zones) throughout the facility. Typically, this system is a set of small controllers and sensors which are interconnected with the HVAC system.

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Benefits of using HVAC controls

By smartly controlling heating and cooling to be at optimum levels (based on a variety of factors), HVAC controls are intended to provide improved comfort for building occupants. Also, they provide the option to more easily control how the building is conditioned, allowing for full control of thermostats in each sector of the building; this is ideal for companies who want more control over their heating and cooling.

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What is HVAC zoning?

Some larger facilities have HVAC systems set up to condition their facility in zones. In many cases, these zones have different heating and cooling needs. For example, if there is a cooking area, that may need to be cooler than a seating area for customers. HVAC zoning makes this and more possible by connecting all HVAC units to one central control panel, allowing the climate control of each zone to easily be controlled.

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