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Natural Gas Fired Chillers

Use natural gas more efficiently to lower your organization's operating costs & greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%

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Benefits of natural gas fired chillers

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Lower operating costs & greenhouse gas emissions

Natural gas fired chillers were specifically created to require a very minimal electric load to work, using an engine powered by natural gas to drive down operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%. These systems accomplish this by converting natural gas to cool air in the summertime, which is when natural gas is at its cheapest price. 

This process is a great way to target and lower peak electrical demand charges, which are usually very expensive in the summertime. As a result, this tech is 2 times more efficient than absorption chillers or electric-powered chillers.

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They can recover waste heat for use in other applications

Waste heat from the natural gas fired chiller’s operations itself can be captured and used for other applications, such as for providing domestic hot water or distributing heat to certain zones in your building when needed.

The great thing about this heat is that it’s generated from your operations and does not cost anything to use; this adds even more of a financial incentive to using natural gas chillers.

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Easy installation & modular design

In comparison to electric-powered chillers, natural gas fired chillers take up the same space, which means they can easily fit into your organization’s mechanical room. They also don’t have large pumps or cooling towers, which makes it easy for them to fit in tighter spaces compared to other chiller types. Designs for these systems are modular and can be custom engineered to your facility’s needs.

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