Solar Carport

Monetize your parking lot, generating renewable onsite power and reducing your operating costs by up to 30%

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Passive onsite power generation + shelter for cars

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Benefits of installing a solar carport

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Generate energy savings from your parking lot

Parking lots are usually just there to provide parking for your employees or customers, but, with a solar carport, your organization could use that space to generate onsite electricity to offset the electric usage of your facility. If roof or ground space is limited in your facility, solar carports are the perfect configuration.

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Provide shade for cars

The great thing about solar carports is that they can be placed in parking lots to provide ample shade for cars. This is can serve as a nice gesture to your organization’s customers and employees, as it helps to keep cars cool in the summer and avoid snowfall in the winter.

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Easily connect to building automation for greater energy efficiency

When connected with a building automation system (BAS), solar carports can become even more efficient. BAS systems use advanced algorithms to reduce electric demand costs, which are the largest portion of your utility bill. They regulate when energy should be harnessed and distributed to your facility from the solar carport, and they also control lighting and heating and cooling systems, powering them on or off at the best times to optimize efficiency.

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Can offer greater efficiency with less space using bifacial solar

Bifacial solar panels can be used on a solar carport to collect light that bounces off the ground beneath the carport. This allows solar carports to generate up to 25% more electricity beneath white gravel. Carports above other surfaces will still generate more electricity, but not as much; this is because white surfaces reflect light better.

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Is your organization interested in getting a solar carport installed? Consider these factors:

  • One Icon Do you have enough natural sunlight hitting your parking lot or other area you'd like to place the carport? If there's too much shading (potentially caused by surrounding buildings or other structures) for too long during the day, a solar carport may not be the right fit.
  • Two Icon Do you have high energy consumption? If so, a solar carport can help you offset your energy costs, lower peak demand charges, and reduce your reliance on the electric grid.
  • Three Icon Do you currently have rooftop or ground mount solar arrays? It is not a requirement that you should have solar arrays installed, but it is worth noting that a solar carport can be interconnected with your current solar setup, and they can also be connected to building automation systems.

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