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How thermal energy storage works

Thermal energy systems act as a battery for your HVAC system. A thermal energy system utilizes a large tank filled with water and glycol that uses energy at night to freeze the water and form ice.

During the day, the ice melts and creates vapor that is then dispersed throughout the building to keep it cool. Night time (or off-peak hours) is the cheapest and most efficient time of day to use electricity. So, utilizing these off-peak hours allows for a cost-effective solution to using energy rather than during the day when utilities are at their peak.

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Benefits of thermal energy storage

Thermal energy storage systems can potentially save you $10,000’s on electrical costs. These systems are similar to batteries in the sense that they store energy. Thermal energy storage however, stores ice that is then discharged throughout the day to generate power for your building’s other assets.

Financial incentives

Thermal energy storage can qualify for the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if the system is charged with renewable energy and significantly increase project payback with utilities that charge high amounts for electric demand. Very soon, an Investment Tax Credit for energy storage may apply as well.

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