Urban Wind Turbines

Safely & effectively utilize the power of wind to generate electricity for your building

Are urban wind turbines right for you? Consider these factors:

  • One Icon Do you have space on your rooftop for the turbines? With rotor sizes of two to fifty feet, not a lot of space is needed for them, but space is a requirement.
  • Two Icon Does your company have high utility bills? Using wind power to reduce your reliance on the electric grid will help substantially to lower your electric demand costs, lowering utility costs overall.
  • Three Icon Does your city or municipality have regulations against urban wind turbines? Sometimes additional approval is all that's needed to get turbines installed, even with rules that may be in place.

Quick facts

Time to Install: 1 month
Expected ROI: 5-7 years
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Benefits of urban wind turbines

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Safety for animals

With the urban wind turbines installed by EnergyLink, the turbines are enclosed in a protective outer casing, which means birds, bats, and other critters can’t be harmed by these turbines. It is this specific attribute that makes them legal to use in urban settings.

Urban wind turbines

Requires low wind to generate power

The turbines we use were specifically designed to be lightweight and efficient. They can easily operate with wind at speeds within a range of 1.12 to 67 miles per hour. Normal wind turbines do not usually operate at such low speeds, but now, this application makes it possible to generate more power faster.

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Easy energy storage and building automation integrations

These urban wind turbines are designed to easily be integrated with energy storage solutions, such as batteries so excess power generated. They can also easily be connected to building automation systems so the power they generate can be used at the most opportune times to lower energy costs.

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