Utility Scale Solar

Get lower, more predictable power pricing with utility scale solar

Interested in utility scale solar? Consider these factors

  • One Icon Is your organization heavily reliant on fossil fuels? If so, utility scale solar is a great way to stabilize electric prices for the short and long-term.
  • Two Icon Does your organization have the land available for utility scale solar? Space constraints can sometimes be solved with bifacial solar technology, but there still needs to be a certain amount of space for an application as large as utility scale.
  • Three Icon If you are a utility company, does yours have enough residents to warrant utility scale solar? There is no right answer to how many residents your utility should be providing power for to answer this question, but it's worth noting that utility scale solar is best for utility companies with a wider net of coverage.

Quick facts

Time to install: 1 year
Expected ROI: 10-20 years
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Everything you should know about utility scale solar

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How utility scale solar works

Utility scale solar harnesses the same solar tech used in commercial projects, but on a much larger scale with a focus on supplying power for utility companies and, in some cases, large corporations like Apple or Walmart.

Usually the solar sizing ranges from 1 mega-watt to 100, depending on the output needs of the organization. Instead of using the power generated for a one-off facility like in commercial applications, utility scale instead sells power directly to the electric grid. 

Stabilize electric prices and keep them low over time

The biggest use case for utility scale is to stabilize electric prices over longer periods of time (10 to 30 years or more). Power generated from solar is far more predictable than fossil fuel costs which fluctuate frequently. It’s a triple threat of offering great economics, grid reliability, and sustainability benefits.

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Can be combined with battery storage

For even greater economic benefits, utility scale solar can be combined with battery storage to store all generated power for distribution later on. This means that none of the power generated is wasted.

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Bifacial solar application for utility scale; get more with less

For situations where less space is available, levels of power production which match utility scale solar can still be achieved with bifacial solar panels. This technology leaves the solar cells in the panels exposed on both sides to collect reflected sunlight in addition to direct light. Some configurations even follow the sun. The result is that less panels are needed for a greater output. 

Financed with a PPA

Utility scale solar projects are usually financed with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which essentially is a solar lease. These agreements are made with utility scale solar developers like EnergyLink, and they set both revenue and price expectations for the length of the contract, which on average is between 12 to 24 years.

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