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Xcel energy rebates

Take advantage of the wide variety of Xcel rebates for solar and energy efficiency

Xcel Energy offers rebate programs for commercial and industrial customers for various energy efficiency technologies.

Xcel will cover part of the cost of the assessment in addition to the equipment and installation rebates. Also, Xcel Energy can connect businesses to third-party lending institutions for financing purposes. EnergyLink will help you navigate the rebate process as you complete your project

Xcel energy rebates offered

Xcel Energy rebate program: Xcel offers recommissioning for 75% of the project’s cost, up to $25,000. They also offer whole building and customer efficiency rebates of $400/kW + $0.04/kWh. Other rebate programs include:

Xcel solar rewards program: Xcel Energy offers a solar rewards program for companies who have installed solar. This program purchases RECs (Renewable Energy Credits) from the business at a price of around $0.0425 per kW for solar projects between 25.01 kW and 500 kW. This program purchases each kWh produced from the array for the next 20 years.

Xcel lighting efficiency rebates: Colorado electric business customers can earn rebates of $3 to $75 per lamp or fixture when upgrading from T12 fluorescent systems to LEDs. Under Xcel Energy’s lighting rebate program, there are seven ways a business can lower lighting costs and earn valuable rebates:

  1. Lighting retrofit rebates that will offset the cost of installing new and more efficient lighting.
  2. New construction lighting rebates for renovated facilities with energy efficient equipment.
  3. Business LED instant rebate is available on ENERGY STAR-qualified, screw-in LED bulbs and LED retrofit fixture screw-in downlights that are purchased from participating distributors.
  4. Advanced lighting controls rebates offset the costs of new, efficient and more advanced lighting.
  5. Custom efficiency lighting rebates are available for energy savings lighting projects that aren’t included in the prescriptive rebate program. This can include unique equipment that are tailored to a specific facility.
  6. Small business lighting is available for existing small and mid-sized facilities that have a peak demand of 400kW or less.

These lighting rebates can cut costs and monthly energy bills, shortening payback periods for LED lighting installation significantly.

Xcel cooling efficiency rebates: Xcel Energy offers a $400/kW saved fixed rebates for purchasing qualifying energy-efficient cooling equipment, such as chillers, direct evaporative pre-coolers, and electronically commutated motors. Cooling equipment that is not eligible for a prescriptive rebate may still qualify for a customer rebate.

Xcel heating efficiency rebates: Colorado business natural gas customer can earn 50% bonus rebates on qualifying gas heating efficiency upgrades. The limit on the gas rebates has increased from 60% to 75% of total equipment and labor costs, adding more savings.

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