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ASHRAE-level Energy Audit

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Take advantage of an ASHRAE-level energy audit to pinpoint problem areas in your facility and find practical, economically viable solutions. The higher the level, the more detailed the analysis EnergyLink provides. Virtual auditing options are available.

ASHRAE Level 1
Energy Audit

¢ 0 per sqft.
  • Free, no commitment
  • Utility bill review
  • Energy history analysis
  • Quick facility walkthrough

ASHRAE Level 3
Energy Audit

¢ 20 per sqft.
  • All level 1 & 2 benefits
  • In-depth facility walkthrough
  • Data logger assessment
  • Advanced solution modeling
  • Long-term financial analysis
  • Option analysis for solutions

ASHRAE Level 2
Energy Audit

¢ 10 per sqft.
  • All level 1 benefits
  • Detailed facility walkthrough
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Solution suggestions

What are the differences between ASHRAE audit levels?

ASHRAE Level 1 audits are simple and straightforward, largely assessing utility bills and past utility history with a quick facility walkthrough. A Level 2 audit, on the other hand, involves a more detailed walkthrough with a larger scope of energy systems evaluated (ex: thermal boundary, HVAC, lighting, etc.), as well as problem diagnosis with current energy systems, and solution suggestions.

A Level 3 audit uses more advanced, hourly energy usage data collected using a datalogger, a more thorough analysis of all energy systems, advanced modeling of solutions, such as solar arrays, an option analysis for suggested solutions to your facility’s problems which includes pricing information, and a long-term financial analysis.

Do you have more detailed needs or an energy project in mind? Get more value with a full building analysis.

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