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Mechanical System Renovation

Does your company need to replace a central plant or mechanical systems at the end of their useful life? Find out how EnergyLink can help replace it properly

What's included in a mechanical system renovation?

Energy auditing

An energy audit to assess the current state of your mechanical systems or central plant and find areas for improvement will be conducted.

Option analysis

After an initial energy audit, our team will take multiple approaches to find the best system for your company and break down costs and expected ROI.

General contracting

After you choose your preferred options for the project, our team will design and build each system, acting as your general contractor.

Do you have high deferred maintenance costs?

If your company has old, outdated mechanical systems, it’s likely that you’re paying a lot of deferred maintenance costs to keep them operational. If you have this problem now or are looking to avoid it, a mechanical system renovation is the perfect solution. Both current and long-term maintenance costs can be driven down.

Direct replacement is not enough

When replacing a central plant or mechanical systems that have reached the end of their useful life, the inclination is often to do a direct replacement of current systems; this often leaves the option of getting a system with better payback off the table. Investing in a system that costs slightly more but offers a quick payback period and increased cashflows thereafter is a better solution. In addition, Operations and Management (OM) costs are significantly lower on newer systems.

What improvements are typically made in a mechanical system renovation?

See the transformation

Mechanical systems before picture Mechanical systems after picture

Get help with your mechanical system retrofit

EnergyLink’s team will work with you from start to finish to design, engineer, build, and finance efficient mechanical systems with the best payback possible.

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