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Sell Your Solar Farm

Is your solar farm damaged or producing poor energy production? Consider selling your solar farm

EnergyLink has the capital to help you get out of your PPA or offload your owned solar farm assets

Whether you’re tied to your solar farm via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or through direct ownership, EnergyLink can work with you to buy out your PPA or buy your solar farm outright. EnergyLink has the capital on hand through investment banking partners to deploy at any time.

Costs associated with keeping your solar farm

Cost of capital & maintenance

Insurance & inverter repair

Cost of underperformance

How the process to sell your solar farm works

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Assess your solar farm or PPA's monetary value

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Evaluate the condition of your system

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Secure price and transfer solar farm ownership

Frequently asked questions about selling solar farms

Yes, it is possible to legally transfer the ownership of your solar farm to another entity (company or individual), even if you are tied to it through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). 

Solar is typically priced on a per-watt basis. The price for your particular system depends very much on the kilo-watt amount of solar installed in your solar farm. As part of the selling process, EnergyLink’s team will help you determine the monetary value of your system is. 

After you successfully transfer ownership of your solar farm to EnergyLink, you’ll no longer have to worry about operations and maintenance for your system. Compensation for the sale will be distributed to you per the contract terms.

EnergyLink has investment banking partners who we will collaborate with to purchase your solar farm. 

Yes, going through the process to repair your system and get it to achieve expected or better levels of performance is a process called repowering. EnergyLink can help with this.

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Factors EnergyLink evaluates in your PPA

Evaluation criteria for system inspection

Turn your solar farm into cash

Stop taking a financial hit on your current system. Sell your solar farm today.

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