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    As the solar industry continues to grow, many organizations are interested in the electric savings, rebates, and tax benefits that it would provide. With recent price drops, a solar array can now produce energy cheaper than retail rates, making economic sense for the end user.

    As communities progress in establishing more sustainable growth, adding solar arrays to your rooftop, parking structures, and unused land will become a necessity. There is a standard 25 year warranty that will ensure your array produces long into the future, and the system will begin to put money back into your organization.

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    We find the best possible solar rebates for your project to ensure an affordable install and quick payoff.

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    As an energy EPC company (engineering, procurement, and construction), we have the ability to handle every aspect of your solar projects needs. From start to finish, our engineers, renewable energy investment experts, and project managers work with you to design and install the best solar energy system possible at the lowest cost possible.

    If your building has exisiting assets like an HVAC system, commercial lighting, or any other exisitng asset, our building automation system experts can link them with your new solar system to maximize efficiency.

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