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Let EnergyLink handle your solar installs for quicker turnaround time, guaranteed quality installation backed by a proven track record, and strong system performance

EPC services EnergyLink provides

  • Engineering & system design

    Creating 3D models to give a clear picture of what the install will look like once the install is complete.

  • Equipment procurement

    Selecting the best product options for the install based on budget and required system performance.

  • System Construction

    Mobilizing our in-house construction crews to complete the install to the required code & client standards.

  • Permitting & paperwork

    Submitting all required permitting paperwork and other important documents to properly commission jobs.

  • Interconnection

    Connecting all installed solar arrays to the appropriate places to start feeding in renewable power.

  • System performance monitoring

    Measurement and verification and long-term Operation & Maintenance services to measure project performance.

Which types of solar jobs can EnergyLink handle?

As a nationwide, NAESCO-accredited Energy Service Company (ESCO), EnergyLink is the perfect partner to handle your utility scale solar installations upwards of 1 megawatt. Our in-house construction crews have the experience to design-build any solar implementation and have extensive knowledge of the latest solar tech.

The solar implementations EnergyLink can install include: utility scale ground mount arrays, utility scale rooftop arrays, bifacial solar panels, solar carports, solar plus storage, solar thermal energy, and solar plus demand management. Plus, supplementary tech such as single axis trackers, inverters, and utility transformers can all be installed.

With a proven track record of success with utility scale solar installations, you can trust us to handle any solar job

0 MW
Largest multi-site solar install
0 MW
Largest single-site install

Has funding been an issue for your projects? EnergyLink can acquire funding for projects through third party ownership agreements

Funding can make or break a project. EnergyLink goes a step beyond the typical solar EPC model to not only design-build solar projects but also acquire funding for projects through third party ownership agreements. 

Energy Service Agreement (ESA)

Giving the option to fund combined heat and power as an alternative source of power generation and battery energy storage upgrades.

Solar Service Agreement (SSA)

Funding solar with greater flexibility in the way the agreement operations, allowing it to be structured as a PPA, lease, or levelized PPA.

Managed Energy Service Agreement (MESA)

Using third party funding for an entire energy project, but allowing the opportunity to buy out ownership of all installed systems after 7 years.

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