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Meet the EnergyLink Team

Connect with our leadership team, on-staff engineers, financial analysts, marketing team, admin representatives, construction crew leaders, and other support staff

Leadership Team

The EnergyLink leadership team is comprised of heads of each department. Each member is well-versed in their area of expertise and in charge of growing departments. Their goal is to view the bigger picture of EnergyLink’s growth in the commercial and industrial energy space.

Development & Marketing Team

Comprised of sales staff, executive sales staff, financial analysts, engineers, and other integral customer support staff whose main goal is to develop and monitor the best possible energy project for your organization.

Jake Robins, Business Development Representative for EnergyLink

Business Development Rep.

Greg Grimes, Structuring and Originations Manager at EnergyLink

Structuring & Originations Mgr.

Saskia Cairnes, Creative & Communications Manager for EnergyLink

Creative & Comms Manager

Natalie Gregus, Communications Coordinator at EnergyLink

Communications Coordinator

Engineering & Sales Support Specialist

Operations Team

Spearheaded by the team whose sole goal is execution to the high standards of EnergyLink and our clientele. All phases of construction are well managed and coordinated by each member throughout the process of installing energy solutions.

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Chris Ihler, Chief Executive Officer of EnergyLink

Chris Ihler

As CEO and Co-Founder, Chris created EnergyLink in 2010 with an organizational vision of providing cost-effective energy solutions to the mid-cap marketplace. EnergyLink is a general contractor/developer that provides energy redevelopment EPC services in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Chris leads the EnergyLink team with the mission of adding value to the “Triple Bottom Line” of each of EnergyLink’s customers by providing expert energy solutions that benefit clients’ net income, the community, and the environment. 

By integrating customized financial modeling with design-build construction practices, EnergyLink has successfully completed several “first of their kind” energy projects across product categories including energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, and building automation systems. Demand management and economic viability are at the core of every project EnergyLink develops. EnergyLink is a pioneer in the energy financing space, particularly in utilizing Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing, in which it is an organizationally-approved contractor, to implement projects that otherwise would not have been feasible.

Prior to creating EnergyLink, Chris founded and led Gateway Investments, a holding company with three real estate arms focused on construction services, rental investments, and raw land development in Mid-Missouri and the Ozarks, including student housing and property management in Columbia. Chris graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Real Estate and Finance.

Janine Stichter, Chief People Officer at EnergyLink

Janine Stichter, PhD

With EnergyLink, Dr. Stichter serves as our Chief People Officer. She is specifically in charge of human resources management (hiring, firing, etc.) and overseeing the overall health of the organization.

Dr. Stichter is the Founder and President of JSAdvantages, an organization devoted to improving/supporting the organizational health of their clients. 

Andrew Bueler, Administrative Manager at EnergyLink

Andrew bueler

Andrew handles many of our day-to-day operations and works with utilities, capital providers, and other energy organizations to ensure EnergyLink is in compliance with the various programs it works with.

Mike Chudy, Executive Sales Manager at EnergyLink

Mike Chudy

Mike is the Founder and Principal of Austin Sales Consulting. He has a wealth of knowledge in selling high involvement business-to-business deals and has been brought on board the EnergyLink team to hone our messaging, close deals at an even higher rate, and help the sales team keep up with our growth as an organization. 

Matthew Frappier, Marketing Manager for EnergyLink

Matthew Frappier

Matthew leads the Marketing department as the Marketing Manager and collaborates with other departments to guide the direction of all print, digital, web, and social content across all channels, ensuring that everything is in line with EnergyLink’s mission and values.

He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing Major from Columbia College of Missouri and earned a Master’s of Business Administration with a Marketing focus from the University of Central Missouri.

He holds 11 certifications in the digital marketing space, from authorities such as Google Ads and Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager, Hootsuite, and Hubspot.

Andrew Halpern, Operations Manager at EnergyLink

Andrew halpern

Andrew Halpern is EnergyLink’s Operations Manager. coordinates the construction of all nationwide energy projects at a high level. Andrew holds a Master’s in Public Administration and a passion for sustainability. His efforts are crucial in ensuring that each project we do meets the high standards EnergyLink has set for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Chad Morrow, Controller for EnergyLink

Chad Morrow

Chad is EnergyLink’s Controller. His job is to evaluate the financial health of the company and ensure that we are meeting our key performance indicators over time.

Jeremy Nolen, Project Executive at EnergyLink

Jeremy Nolen

Jeremy is one of EnergyLink’s Project Executives who works with clients nationwide to execute practical energy projects that make financial sense.

Craig Stichter, Project Executive at EnergyLink

Craig Stichter

Craig is EnergyLink’s Project Executive. He oversees the development of all EnergyLink projects nationwide.

Christian Gander, Lead Analyst at EnergyLink

Christian Gander

Christian Gander is our Lead Analyst. His duties include providing financial services and economic analysis to customers as well as assisting in project design, business development, and implementation. He ensures that all projects are financially viable and assists customers with securing funding for their projects.

Christian received his MBA from the University of Missouri in 2017 and his BSBA in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Missouri in 2015.

Scott Schnelle, Account Executive at EnergyLink

Scott Schnelle

Scott is a Co-Founder of EnergyLink and works as an Account Executive. He focuses mainly on the development of rural renewable and energy efficiency project. Scott is BPI certified and an expert energy auditor.

Nick Lazechko, RFP Specialist at EnergyLink

Nick Lazechko, Ed.s

Nick is the RFP Specialist at EnergyLink. He holds a M.Ed. in School Psychology and an Ed.S from the University of Missouri, Columbia. His specific focus is catering to the needs of public institutions issuing renewable energy or energy efficiency-related requests for proposals.

Caelan Gander, Proposal Manager at EnergyLink

Caelan Gander

Caelan is a EnergyLink’s Proposal Manager. His duties include reaching out to prospective clients, evaluating their needs, and developing energy management solutions for their facilities. His main goal is to lower utility costs for businesses and non-profits by prescribing mechanical upgrades that are sustainable and economically viable. He serves Denver and the Mountain region at large.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts and Science in International Studies – East Asian Studies from the University of Missouri in 2019.

Caelan is committed to finding creative, customized, and comprehensive solutions for each client and going the extra mile to ensure the needs of their organization are addressed and fulfilled.

Jake Robins, Business Development Representative for EnergyLink

Jake Robins

Jake is EnergyLink’s Business Development Representative. His focus is on searching for and connecting with large organizations nationwide who may have energy-related pain points which could be resolved with EnergyLink’s help.

With over 15 years of experience in the energy industry, Jake knows a lot about this field and is a great resource for all things energy-related.

Greg Grimes, Structuring and Originations Manager at EnergyLink

Greg Grimes

Greg helps manage commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Colin McCarthy, Project Engineer at EnergyLink

COlin McCarthy

Colin works to find the most viable energy management strategies for different customers based on their varying needs and utility providers. His analysis includes working with energy audit results and understanding the various rate tariffs available to customers, as well as highlighting opportunities for rate transitions and utilizing different on-site generation technologies to maximize the economic return of energy management projects. With interval data and utility history for a customer, he determines the best sizing for systems like PV solar, battery storage, or CHP generators. Colin then works with channel partners such as HVAC technicians and controls companies to ensure that the control strategies are being correctly implemented to ensure that performance goals are being achieved for each project. In the post-construction phase, Colin keeps track of performance and works with utility providers to make sure that ongoing efforts to maintain performance are successful and the customers are billed under the appropriate rate tariffs by their utility providers.

Colin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Missouri. While finishing his degree, he was employed by the Industrial Assessment Center of Missouri as a student energy auditor. During his time with the IAC, he helped conduct energy audits for industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout Missouri, as well as providing estimates of energy performance and monetary savings for various recommended improvements.

He is officially a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), which certifies that he has an advanced understanding of energy systems engineering.

Saskia Cairnes, Creative & Communications Manager for EnergyLink

Saskia Cairnes

Saskia manages EnergyLink’s nationwide communications across all social media channels, the company blog, and other avenues such as public relations.

Natalie Gregus, Communications Coordinator at EnergyLink

Natalie Gregus

Natalie is EnergyLink’s Communications Coordinator. She directly manages all company social media accounts and the company blog. Her primary role is to make great content!

Natalie’s a graduate of the renowned University of Missouri Journalism School (J-School), majoring in Strategic Communications.

Peyton Mocco

Peyton is an engineering student at Mizzou studying Industrial Engineering and will graduate next year. He will be assisting the Sales Support team with day-to-day engineering and sales tasks as our Engineering & Sales Support Specialist.

Luke Dangelser, Construction Manager for EnergyLink

Luke Dangelser

Luke is EnergyLink’s Construction Manager. He works alongside the Operations team to ensure that our nationwide commercial energy projects are done to the level of quality expected of all EnergyLink projects and will also supervise construction crews on job sites.

Victoria La Rose, M&V Manager at EnergyLink

Victoria la rose

Victoria is EnergyLink’s Metering & Verification Manager. Her main role is to assist clients with the post-construction services EnergyLink offers, performing performance reporting on all installed energy systems and more. Victoria most recently received her Industrial Assessment Center certification from the Department of Energy, designating her as a bright mind in the mechanical engineering space.

Victoria is a graduate of the University of Missouri, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with emphases in applied controls and automation systems. 

Cully Meier, Systems Engineer at EnergyLink

Cully Meier

As our Systems Engineer, Cully handles many of the details within our installations, from sizing solar systems to wiring electrical components on-site. He assures each project is properly installed, and maintained throughout the system’s life.

Sean Meier, Junior Project Manager for EnergyLink

Sean Meier

As Junior Project Manager, Sean will work alongside the Operations Manager to ensure that all nationwide renewable and energy efficiency projects are constructed to the high standards EnergyLink requires.

Peter Ginsberg, Junior Project Engineer for EnergyLink

Peter Ginsberg

Peter works in collaboration with both the Sales and Project Management teams, working as a business developer to bring in new projects and as an assistant project manager to assist with managing the execution of current projects. 

Jacob Littrel, Crew Leader for EnergyLink

Jacob Littrel

Jacob assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Ivan Yantis, Crew Leader for EnergyLink

Ivan Yantis

Jacob assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Kent Sassatelli, Crew Leader for EnergyLink

Kent Sassatelli

Kent assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Scott McCullough, Systems Integrator for EnergyLink

Scott Mccullough

Scott assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Marshall Sheets, Systems Integrator for EnergyLink

Marshall Sheets

Marshall assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Keiran Butler, Systems Integrator for EnergyLink

Keiran Butler

Keiran assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services.

Julian Johnson

Julian assists with commercial energy project installation and construction services as one of our Solar Technicians.

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