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The energy and utility market landscape is extremely diverse, complex, and constantly changing. Our highly specialized energy management systems require a combination of strong leadership, a diverse team, and exceptional focus on the end product. Our team members’ expertise includes finance, real estate development, mechanical and electrical engineering, energy efficiency, and installation. Our diverse knowledge, combined with hands-on experience and strong leadership, help to make us one of the industry’s best.

Chris Ihler, Chief Executive Officer

Chris Ihler

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Schnelle, Chief Construction Officer

Scott Schnelle

Chief Construction Officer

Jeremy Nolen, VP of Project Management at EnergyLink

Jeremy Nolen

VP, Project Management

Christian Gander, Vice President of Finance

Christian Gander

VP, Finance

Matthew Frappier, Vice President of Marketing

Matthew Frappier

VP, Marketing

Andrew Bueler, Director of Operations

Andrew Bueler

Director of Operations

Nick Lazechko, School Program Manager at EnergyLink

Nick Lazechko

School Program Director

Craig Stichter, Project Executive at EnergyLink

Craig Stichter

Project Executive

Caelan Gander, Project Manager at EnergyLink

Caelan Gander

Project Manager

Andrew Halpern, Construction Manager at EnergyLink

Andrew Halpern

Construction Manager

Saskia Cairnes, Communications Coordinator for EnergyLink

Saskia Cairnes

Communications Coordinator

Colin McCarthy, Systems Engineer

Colin McCarthy

Systems Engineer

Cully Meier, Project Engineer

Cully Meier

Project Engineer

Victoria La Rose, Project Management Assistant at EnergyLink

Victoria La Rose

Project Management Assistant

Greg Grimes, Construction Superintendent at EnergyLink

Greg Grimes

Project Manager

Scott McCullough, Installation Specialist

Scott McCullough

Systems Integrator

Kent Sassatelli, Systems Integrator for EnergyLink

Kent Sassatelli

Systems Integrator

Marshall Sheets, Systems Integrator for EnergyLink

Marshall Sheets

Systems Integrator

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