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Design, build and fund decarbonization solutions

Cut carbon emissions, increase sustainability, and lower operating expenditures with solar + storage, renewable and energy efficiency projects

Turnkey renewable EPC services

We provide tailored engineering, procurement and construction services for commercial & industrial organizations throughout education, government, healthcare, corporate and nonprofit sectors looking to implement sustainable technologies.

Advance decarbonization efforts with solutions tailored to your needs

Commercial solar

Develop 1 MW+ solar projects with the latest tech to offset electric use and generate clean, renewable power

EV charging stations

Monetize your organization’s parking lot and adjust to the growing demand for electric vehicle charging

Combined Heating & Power Icon

Combined heat & power

Generate on-site power by converting waste heat from machinery and natural gas to electricity

Battery Energy Storage Icon

Battery energy storage systems

Store excess power for use at times of peak demand

Building Automation Systems Icon

Building automation systems

Maximize operational efficiency throughout your building

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Renewable natural gas & green hydrogen

Leverage carbon neutral power generation technologies

Develop and fund 1-100 MW sustainable infrastructure technologies with Archetype Energy

Archetype Energy offers a unique model and operations vertically integrated from engineering design to capital formation. With EnergyLink placed as the project EPC and access to funding through the Climate Commodities Asset Management fund, the scope of services Archetype offers goes beyond typical development services.

Archetype Energy provides a link between clean energy investors and middle market organizations assessing ESG solutions, offering a pathway to fund and construct projects seamlessly.

Partner with us design. build. fund.

We are a certified National Energy Service Company (ESCO) that designs projects for commercial and industrial entities.

We will be your partner throughout each stage of your project. We have extensive experience managing complex & integrated project installations and offer a variety of financial modeling and project funding opportunities. 

50 MW


150 MW

in development

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Start your project

Fill out the form below and an EnergyLink representative will get back to you as soon as possible to start the process