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Commercial battery energy storage

Energy storage that adapts to your needs

Every facility has unique needs. We select battery storage solutions tailored to satisfy these needs.

Iron flow battery technology

Environmentally safe commercial energy storage option

Use non-toxic materials

Longer life-span (avg, 15 years)

Cost-effective solution

Grid scale lithium ion batteries

Rapid response tech with high energy density and a long life cycle

Frequency regulation

Load leveling

Power management

Long-duration energy storage

Operates at maximum capacity for up to 1,000 hours or more

Effective for 24hr facilities

Customizable design

Allows for grid independence

The technology

Battery energy storage works in tandem with solar arrays or other renewable energy power sources to store excess power for use at times of peak energy demand. Storing onsite power reduces reliance on the electric grid, which translates into lower utility bills. Taking into account factors such as past utility history, weather and time of day, the battery system will distribute energy throughout your building when needed.

Batteries employ peak shaving and load shifting functions. Peak shaving reduces energy consumption at peak periods and load shifting spreads electricity consumption across time periods. Both of these functions reduce utility bills. 

Battery energy storage can be used for disaster recovery in times of emergency. Batteries will ensure that your company or organization always has access to backup power.

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